Meet The Team



Anthony J. Spinelli, CPC, was the previous owner and President of Executive Avail-A-Search. He has over 40 years of experience in the field of recruiting, especially within the areas of Executive Management, Engineering, Manufacturing and Operations Management, as well as Sales and Marketing. Anthony has dedicated his cultivated experience and leadership skills to successfully managing Executive Avail-A-Search as a premier and professional recruiting resource. Since he sold Executive Avail-A-Search to his long-term team, he remains very active in our daily efforts as Executive Avail-A-Search’s professional Consultant.

Mark Whiteman, CPC is the General Manager (Co-Owner). He is an invaluable asset to our team, constantly aiding in the success of our recruiting efforts! Mark has worked for Executive Avail-A-Search for 20 plus years, and is a fully Certified Professional Consultant. Mark oversees our research staff and manages the entire recruiting processes, from initial phone calls to final placements. Mark strives to develop long term relationships by creating win-win scenarios for customer clients, as well as our candidates!


Harry Moyer has worked with us for 14 years and is our Administrative Manager (Co-Owner), with a heavy focus on passive and active candidate sourcing, as well as background checks and degree verifications. Harry also manages the technology and information systems that drives our daily processes; bringing a variety of information sources together in order to provide our clients with the best possible candidates to suit their needs.

Ryan Bacon is our team’s Account Executive (Co-Owner); he has been with Executive Avail-A-Search for 8 years now. Ryan brings a very modernized perspective to our company and applies that to what you see before you. From the re-branding of our company, to building our new website, Ryan plays a crucial role in keeping Avail-A-Search’s content up to date! HeĀ  is also heavily involved in the recruiting and marketing efforts of Avail-A-Search, actively engaging new potential client companies as well as being involved in the recruiting processes from beginning to end… he acts as our jack of all trades!