Who We Are

Who We Are

Executive Avail-A-Search is a team of professional Executive Recruiters headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Our demographic focus stays within the Continental U.S.A. We have been in business for over 35 years (founded in 1980) and stay in business thanks to the enduring relationships we’ve established with out current clientele, and the new relationships we are constantly forming.

We are extremely successful in recruiting professionals at all levels (within departments such as Sales/Marketing, Operations/Plant Management, Engineering, Financial, etc.) for any region in which our Clients need to maximize their competitive edge. At Executive Avail-A-Search we make your needs, satisfaction, and profitability our primary focus. Please view our 3 year placement report ; this is our company’s condensed track record from the last 3 years alone, which should provide additional insight behind the  various positions we have filled.

If you’re a business entity curious to trial our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We would love to assist with your searches, and prove ourselves to be a valuable asset for your team’s recruiting needs.


Fees Associated With Our Services

Here at Executive Avail-a-Search our contingency business is structured so there are absolutely NO upfront fees required in order to utilize our services. That is correct; we will utilize all of our resources to identify, qualify and attract both active and inactive potential candidates (which includes our exclusively sourced talent database). This database is the result of decades worth of cold sourcing inactive, active, and recommended talent— which is what makes Executive Avail-a-Search unique and unrivaled in our industry!

How We Start Our Searches


We begin our searches by selecting our Clients that are headquartered or have operations in PA, Northern MD & New Jersey, etc. due to our desire to truly (and personally) know & build lasting relationships with our Clients. However, our reach is never limited.

As stated above, we are extremely successful in recruiting Top Executives (fields of Sales/Marketing, Operations/Plant Management, Engineering, Financial, IT, etc.) in any region in which our Clients need to maximize their competitive edge. But our recruiting parameters are NOT limited to executive positions. We hire positions within Human Resources, Recruiting, Warehousing, Engineering titles, Operations positions, and more!


Once we’ve thoroughly identified the specific needs from one of our clients, we then begin running our search. We do not merely look for a suitable candidate; we look for the best possible fitting candidate we can find! For some of these searches we have readily available candidates, previously discovered talent that we’re able to utilize- Other times these searches can be an ongoing process until we’re confident that we have located the BEST of the best; We wouldn’t bring anything less to the table.

Between the candidate referrals we’ve had throughout our existence, the passively located talent, the candidates that submit their resumes to us, the talent we have gathered across all of the various job boards (sourced on a daily basis), and the relations we’ve formed over the past decades… We are more than confident our resources will yield the results you’d need for your organization.

Retained Search

business plan

Many times the top echelon level Executive Search requires extra finesse, expertise, and focus… As well as a common understanding and vested interest between the Client and the Recruiter. For these situations, Executive Avail-A-Search suggests the use of a Retained Search.

Our Retained Searches are exclusively managed by our CEO, Tony Spinelli. With the support of Mark Whiteman and our research team, we confidentially identify, isolate, and attract key Director, VP and President level Executives whose impact can effectively transform and successfully lead in the right direction for a company.

Details for our Retained Search are managed on a case-by-case basis and start with a meeting and subsequent proposal to begin execution of the process. Put Executive Avail-A-Search’s expertise and resources to work for you. Alternately, you can call or email us at aasjobs@availasearch.com or 717-291-1871 and we can begin to work with you on a targeted search to find the right individual for your team!

Your Confidentiality Is Safe With Us!

Executive Avail-A-Search provides confidentiality for candidates, so they feel comfortable working with us (we extend that same confidentiality to our Clients). Our staff consultants use our comprehensive database and nationwide network of resources to isolate appropriate sources in your marketplace and attract the top percentile of achievers in your industry.


As you may know, advertisement campaigns tend to only reach the most active of job seekers, limiting the demographic of people they appeal to. As a result, the passive (or inactive) candidate pool remains virtually untouched. With today’s Social Media advantages, one would still need a full time Executive Staff to qualify (and most of all, motivate to respond) the myriad of contacts or potential contacts, to truly be effective as a recruiting entity. But it doesn’t stop there!

 We employ a research staff full time to sift through the active candidates, to find the truly outstanding professionals. We employ a team of front line recruiters to actively reach and penetrate the inactive potential candidate base to produce selected results relative to our Clients’ requests and needs.

We are experts in proactive recruiting, the “cold call”, direct reach to competitive markets/Candidates are an invaluable resource in bringing that talent to your door step.